The Experience

Choosing Humano means choosing what’s best for you!It means opting for a lifestyle that matches your values…

To clearly highlight the advantages of living in prestigious rental complex such as Humano, here are three fictitious examples:

Recently retired and looking to simplify their lives, Anne Landry and her husband chose Humano.

When our children left home the house just felt too big; the money and energy needed to maintain it also seemed too great.

At first, we thought we would keep the house so the children could visit, but they each have their own homes. So, we decided we would visit them instead! Recently retired, we were in good shape, so the retirement home will just have to wait (laughs)! When we heard about Humano, we realized that it was the perfect solution for us. Humano’s security measures and all-inclusive formula offer us peace of mind.

We can’t wait to settle into our beautiful river-view apartment! And, because of the fabulous shared spaces, we don’t even feel like we’ve downsized. We look forward to inviting our two grandchildren for a swim in the pool! We’re more than ready to begin this new stage of life, savouring every moment. As soon as we sell our house, we will travel to destinations we’ve been dreaming about forever.

Bernard Tremblay only works three days a week in the city. Humano will allow him to make the most of his Bromont cottage.

I was born and raised in the Eastern Townships. Sherbrooke is my town. My wife and I have always considered work-life balance and down time to be important. For the past two years, we have been able to attain this; I chose to work three days a week and my wife, a freelance translator, can easily shuffle her schedule.

We recently turned forty and were looking to do something a bit crazy. Since we love skiing and the outdoors, we bought a small cottage near the ski slopes in Bromont. We could have bought a house in town, but decided to live in the country. A colleague told me about Humano. A rental project of this caliber in Sherbrooke? We were instantly smitten! It’s the best of both worlds! On the days I work, we live – hassle free – in a place that is as trendy as we are, and the rest of the time, we stay at the cottage. What more could we want?

Fabiola Rousseau moved to Sherbrooke to teach at the Université de Sherbrooke. Obviously, she wanted a nice place to live for at least a year.

When I was hired to teach at the university in Sherbrooke, I had mixed feelings. I was happy that I had achieved a professional goal, but I was a little anxious about settling down in an unfamiliar city. A deep-rooted Montréaler, I had always lived in the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie neighbourhood… a place that would be hard to beat!

I made up my housing wish list:

  • A quiet, but lively, neighborhood
  • A reasonable commute to work
  • Neighbouring shops
  • A nearby park or green area
  • A new and, if possible, fully equipped apartment
  • Access to public transportation

New rental projects with shared spaces are commonplace in Montréal; I wasn’t sure I would find the same formula in Sherbrooke. Then, I discovered Humano that seems to be exceptional in this category.

I spent one weekend in Sherbrooke and I fell in love with Humano’s perfect neighbourhood! I'm thrilled! I can even bike to work, weather permitting, of course! And with a 15-minute door-to-door commute, incredible!

Plenty of shops in the area make groceries enjoyable. Humano fits my lifestyle perfectly. I love to walk, go to movies and enjoy little cafés; everything is so close. Renting a Humano apartment simplifies my life and gives me more free time. It’s amazing!


Refined rental apartments with breathtaking views of the river and of the Estrie region exceptional landscape.